Hey I am Aaron! Been a full stack software engineer for about 7 years now. I have worked across a number of technologies ranging from embedded architectures to data pipelines. There is no aspect of the industry that I will shy away from if it means that I get to learn a few new things along the way. Currently, I am focusing mostly on building out my skills with common patterns and trying to better internalize all of the usages/pros/cons of every approach. I am also making it a personal goal to try and practice strict TDD at all times.

This site is going to kind of act like my extended resume. Most of the same stuff that I would submit to a job, but with a little extra flourish!

Everything you see here is a single html page figured a simple resume-like format is a great way to create a small performant site. Previously this address was taken up by a ReactJS app. While it was pretty, I am pleasantly surprised that I was able to create another one that is more streamlined while being less than 10% the size!


Over my time in the industry I have touched a few different languages and standards. I have tried my best to categorize these into my relative skill level with them.

Level of expertise Technology
Advanced / Actively Using
Java Java
Javascript Javascript
Bash Bash
GoLang GoLang
Docker Docker
Scala Scala
Coming soon!
Rust Rust
haskell Haskell



Software Developer III

  • Developed the highly successful Offer Management solution. Contributed to the project fulfilling a full stack roll on the team. Had contributions on everything from architectural direction to ReactJS UI work to back end server development.
  • Key team member who brought the Clause Management sub-feature of Offer Management to fruition. Architected the solution and built the server implementation for the feature.
  • Manages a local scripting library that assists other developers with day-to-day tasks. This development was awarded the 2018 annual Not-To-Do award
  • Leads a "community of practice" which focuses on refactoring, code cleanliness, and other practices that should be utilized as developers.
  • Mentors junior employees and seasonal interns.
  • Performs interviews with a panel of other developers to gauge candidate talent.


Software Developer

  • A member of the R&D team working to identify and implement uses for new ETL technologies.
  • Worked with Kafka, Spark, Redis, and multiple AWS solutions to build a data pipeline POC.

IPKeys Technologies

Junior Software Developer

  • Developed and maintained a Java code base for an embedded Linux environment that was the core solution for our demand response offering. Architected the software to provide support for multiple hardware platforms.
  • Refactored several data processing applications to improve stability and performance.
  • Performed maintenance on multiple servers. Oversaw many services including; Tomcat, MongoDB, and rabbitmq. Created shell scripts to aid in the management/deployment


Here are a number of my personal project that I have deployed and functional.

Fantasy Checkdown

A simple tool that uses the draft list from FantasyPros that best organizes you available picks into representative tiers.

Built using ReactJS with MUI styling

FF Summary

A tool to analyze league data from the Sleeper fantasy platform and provide an insight into how good a team is versus how lucky a team is

Built using ReactJS with MUI styling

This Website

This portfolio that you are currently looking at

Built using raw HTML and fancy CSS Styling

Aiming to keep this site as small as possible due to inspiration from the 512kb club

Interviewing Resources Form

In my previous interviewing endeavors it has always been a struggle finding good interview prep resources. because of this I decided to create this simple Google form and sheet that aggregates good resources for those looking to build their skills in terms of interviewing for tech positions. Not really a development project I can take credit for but definitely something that I want to advertise where possible.

Form to add a new interviewing resource Sheet with all of the current resources added


Vista Equity Annual Hack-a-thon - Best Innovation Award


Awarded for our contribution during the Vista hack-a-thon event. I cannot post anymore details on the entry at this time

iCIMS Not-to-do Award


Awarded for work on streamlining and automating the setup for local environments in order to reduce the ramp up time for new employees to begin working on our project

Resume / Contact

If you are looking for a more formal version of the details I have laid out here feel free to check out and download the PDF from the following link

Get it here!

If you are looking to get in touch, check out my social links in the bottom right corner of the footer down below or look for my direct contact info in my linked resume!


Last thing before you go. I have a blog! It isn't much, mostly a place for me to dump some cynical ramblings and thoughts. Feel free to check it out!